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Tokay Gecko

Explore the Lizards of Asia on World Lizard Day

Possessing the power to regrow their own limbs, change colors, and defend themselves from animals three times their size, lizards are one of the most amazing animals on the planet! In celebration of World Lizard Day (August 14th), Little Passports took a trip through Asia to explore the unique wriggly reptiles that call the continent their home.

Draco Lizard

While most lizards crawl on the ground, this lizard can fly! Between its ribs are folds of skin that act as wings when unfurled. Using its tail to steer, the Draco Lizard can easily glide through the trees in the Southeast Asian jungle and avoid dangerous predators on the ground.

Oriental Garden Lizard

This lizard knows how to get attention! When it wants to attract another lizard, it can turn its neck bright red. Even though the lizard has been called “Bloodsucker” because of this red coloring, the Oriental Garden Lizard is actually harmless, feeding only on insects.

Komodo Dragon

Don’t be fooled, this lizard is dangerous! Inhabiting islands off the coast of Indonesia, the Komodo dragon thrives in the harsh climate. It will eat almost anything–pigs, deer, and even large water buffalo! The Komodo dragon is the largest lizard species and can reach up to 10 feet in length!

Sailfin Lizard

Found near the rivers of the Philippines, this lizard is an excellent swimmer! It even has flattened toes that allow it to run across water. Males have a large fanlike sail protruding from its spine and are a beautiful violet color while females are smaller and less colorful.

Tokay Gecko

In Southeast Asia, this brightly colored lizard is the symbol of good luck. It is a strong climber and can support its entire weight on a vertical surface for a long time. Soft to the touch, it generally blue with red-orange speckles. However, the Tokay Gecko can change the color of its skin to blend into the environment!