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holiday greetings

Happy Holidays from Amy & Stella!

Although the holidays can be busy and stressful, we love this time of year because it’s when families gather to spend time together and create lasting memories.

One of the most rewarding aspects of founding Little Passports is the opportunity to hear the wonderful stories families share with us about how they come together every month to experience our packages together. We hear from grandparents that gift Little Passports and then connect each month with their grandchildren through video chat. We hear from families who have marked a destination on their Little Passports map and are saving up to take their “real” global trip. And we hear from families who have enjoyed cooking our international recipes together.

The World Edition subscription holds a special place in our hearts because it launched our company 9 years ago, just as we were becoming mothers.  We’ve been developing the company and the World Edition ever since, while raising our own children, and our families have traveled to many of the countries we feature (England, France, Spain, Mexico and Japan, just to name a few). All of our children are Little Passports subscribers themselves!

Some of our favorite World Edition packages include Japan and England. In college, Stella majored in Japanese and spent a semester studying abroad in Japan and staying with a host family. Many years later, she would realize that experience helped inspire what would become Little Passports (in fact, Stella took the photo that we feature in the Japan package!). The England package includes a recipe for roast potatoes, a truly British dish that Amy enjoyed as a child growing up in the United Kingdom. This company is a reflection of our lives, and we’re so happy to be sharing it with you and your children and grandchildren.

Thank you to all of our families who have supported us and shared their own Little Passports stories and experiences with us. Those stories touch us deeply and bring meaning to the work that we do every day.

Happy Holidays! May your holidays be filled with lasting memories!

Stella & Amy