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St. Patrick’s Day bento box

St. Patrick’s Day Bento Box for Kids!

Contributed by Wendy Copley. 

Celebrate the luckiest day of the year by making a fun St. Patrick’s day lunch for your child! This bento box is packed with all the familiar symbols we see on March 17 — green foods, gold coins and a rainbow of healthy fruit.

Sugar snap peas
Cream cheese (plain or veggie-flavored)
Spinach flavored tortilla
Small gold-colored crackers (cheese crackers, fish crackers, etc.)
Colorful fruit salad
Small candy wrapped in gold foil (peanut butter cup, gelt, etc.)

Medium shamrock cookie cutter
Divided lunch box (I used a Planetbox Rover for this lunch)

Here’s how you put this lucky lunch together:

Begin by chopping a small handful of sugar snap peas. They should be chopped fairly fine, but you want the pieces big enough to still be crunchy.

Mix the chopped sugar snaps into a big dollup of the cream cheese. The extra veggies will add flavor, crunch and a little more green to the lunch, but you can leave them out if you’re in a rush.

Use a cookie cutter to cut six shamrock shapes from the tortilla. You can save a little time by folding the tortilla in half and cutting through two layers at a time.

Spread the veggie cream cheese on three of the tortilla pieces, then top with the remaining cut-outs.

Add the sandwiches to the largest section of the lunch box.

Fill two of the other compartments in the box with another handful of snap peas and some small golden crackers to represent a pot of gold. Round crackers work best, but goldfish or cheese crackers look great too.

Now, it’s time to add a rainbow to this St. Patrick’s Day lunch! In the past, I’ve bought five or six different colors of fruit, each in a different color of the rainbow. This gives you a lot of control over the kinds of fruit you use, but it can get expensive! Recently I realized that most pre-cut fruit salads feature fruit in all colors of the rainbow so I’ve started buying those for the convenience and to save a few pennies.

Add watermelon, cantaloupe, mango, grapes and blueberries to the fourth section of the lunch box in rainbow order.

Finally, place one more piece of “gold” – a piece of candy wrapped in gold foil — in the smallest section of the box.

Everything is all set to send the meal off to school with your little leprechaun. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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About Wendy Copley:

After receiving her first bento box as a Christmas gift, Wendy’s love of crafting unique and eye-catching lunches took off. Ever since, she has perfected her style and continues to make tasty bento boxes every day. This March, she released her book,  Everyday Bento: 50 Cute and Yummy Lunches to Go which is full of tutorials on how to make your own creative lunches at home! Check out more of her healthy lunch ideas:

    On 03/10/2016 Gerald E. Harvey, Jr said:

    Can I get one of these locally here in the KC area?

      On 03/11/2016 Little Passports Team said:

      Absolutely! Please place your order on our site,

    On 03/12/2016 Lola said:

    Where can I get one of theses box’s and how much will it be…thanks

      On 03/14/2016 Little Passports Team said:

      Hi Lola, you can purchase on

    On 03/12/2016 Gina Neal said:

    I can not find how to order this Bento box.

      On 03/14/2016 Little Passports Team said:

      Hi Gina, you can purchase on

    On 03/13/2016 Aimee said:

    Where can I buy that lunchbox?!

      On 03/14/2016 Little Passports Team said:

      Hi Aimmee, you can purchase on

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