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Traditional South Asian Clothing: Sari

What is a Sari?

A Sari is a traditional South Asian garment that can range from five to nine yards! It’s usually wrapped around the waist with the excess material draped over the shoulder. Typically, two long decorative borders run the length of the sari. Underneath the sari, a petticoat is worn and on top is a tight fitting blouse. Sari’s are available in a wide range of fabrics, including cotton, silk, satin and chiffon.  Some special occasion sari’s are even embroidered with real gold or silver thread!

Who wears Sari’s?

Women all around the world wear this beautiful 3-piece garment, but it is mainly worn by women in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka,  Nepal and Afghanistan.

When are Sari’s Worn?

It takes art and time to skillfully place each corner, border and pattern of a sari correctly. That’s why, today, women typically save the effort for  attending special occasions such as a traditional puja ceremony, a wedding, or a lavish party.  Silk saris are usually preferred for grand traditional occasions and are meant to portray poise and sophistication.

However, there also women who wear sari’s in their day to day life as it is perfect for the hot climates of South Asia. The drape bares the midriff and creates a breezy feel for the wearer.

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