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South African Grilled Cheese Recipe Braaibroodjie

Celebrate Summer with a South African Tradition: Braai!

Summertime in South Africa signals glowing sunshine, warm weather, and beautiful, blooming flowers. Many people go camping or swimming at the beach, but these hot months are also the time for traditional barbecues called braai

One very unique thing about a braai is that it celebrates a big holiday—Christmas! December falls during the summertime in South Africa, and hosting a braai is a big part of this celebration. While there are a variety of foods at a braai, meats are the highlights. One particular meat is boerewors, a thick beef sausage. Another tasty treat are braaibroodjies–toasted cheese sandwiches. Have your own South African barbecue this summer. Spend time grilling with your family and enjoy the hot summer months with this recipe. Learn how to make braaibroodjies below!

Braaibroodjie Recipe

Braaibroodjies are a delicious addition to any South African barbecue. They are similar to grilled cheese, but are made on the barbecue!

To make a braaibroodjie, butter two slices of sandwich bread. Keep the outside dry so it can develop a nice crunch and toasty flavor.

Next, layer slices of cheese, onions, and tomatoes on the inside of each sandwich.

Time to grill! Arrange the sandwiches inside a barbecue basket.

Cook evenly, letting each sandwich toast for about 5 minutes on each side.

Remove the barbecue basket from the grill. Let it cool for 5 minutes.

Serve the sandwiches and enjoy!

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