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Toby Jokulsarlon Glacier

Toby Takes a Holiday in Iceland!

Everyone’s favorite globetrotting pup is off to an exciting new destination – green, lush Iceland!

Did you know that Greenland is snowy and Iceland is green? Legend says that they named it Iceland to trick people from coming! But Toby and his friend Nicole knew better – they knew it was an awesome place to visit.

Toby and his friend Nicole saw many of Iceland’s beautiful natural wonders on a week-long road trip.  The first thing they did after flying into the Reykavik Airport was drive about an hour northeast, to the Golden Circle, where many of the attractions are located.

Their first stop was Pingvellir National Park, where they saw a huge waterfall! Toby’s ears got a little windswept, but it made for a dramatic photo.

Next, they drove over to Seljalandsfoss Waterfall, one of the best-known waterfalls in Iceland. The waterfall is almost 200 feet! Toby even got close enough to walk behind the waterfall into a small cave.

After enjoying the waterfall, they set out on another road trip to Vik, where they visited a black sand beach and the site of a historic plane crash.  No one was hurt in the crash, but the plane remained intact and is fun to explore, so it has remained on the beach.

On the next leg of Toby’s holiday in Iceland, Nicole and Toby drove from Vik all the way to Skaftafell, where they saw more beautiful waterfalls and the famous Dwarf Rocks, also known as Dverghamrar.

For the final stretch, they went to Jokulsarlon, the home of spectacular ice caves!

After all that driving, Nicole and Toby were ready for some rest and relaxation.  They planned their trip so that after all of that driving, they headed back to the Reykavik Airport area to lounge and enjoy the Blue Lagoon, which is one of the 25 wonders of the world.  What a wonderful trip! Thanks for sharing it with us!