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Make a handy July 4th eagle

Eagle Craft

Creating fun and unique works of art using cute little hands and feet is the perfect way to remember how small our kids are. These homemade treasures make meaningful keepsakes that hold special memories and are rich in sentimental value. Plus, kids have so much fun making them!

Join us in celebrating Independence Day by making this patriotic eagle craft.


  • Red and blue construction paper (1 sheet each)
  • Regular copy paper (1 sheet)
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Black, red, and blue markers
  • Glue stick


Step one: To make the eagle’s body, trace one of your child’s feet on a blue sheet of construction paper. To make the wings, trace their hands on a red sheet of construction paper.

Step two: Cut along the outlines of the hands and foot.

Step three: Draw the eagle’s head and the patriotic top hat on a sheet of copy paper.

Step four: Cut the head out and outline the eye and fill in the pupil with a black marker. Cut the top hat out and color the brim red, the band blue with white stars, and the crown with red and white stripes. 

Step five: Draw the beak and claws on red paper, then cut them out.

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Step six: Now it’s time to assemble the eagle. Start by putting the hands side by side with the bottoms of the palms touching each other. Glue the body in the center and then glue the head on, followed by the top hat, beak, and claws.

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Make this craft a yearly tradition and see how the eagle grows bigger each year as your child does too! Don’t forget to keep them as souvenirs! Happy Fourth of July!