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Gifts for kids who love arts and crafts

Gifts for Kids Who Love Art

Can your child spend hours coloring or crafting? We know that kids learn by touching and feeling – that’s why Little Passports subscriptions make such great gifts for kids who love art!

Whether it’s a gift for an artistic toddler who loves to paint, or for a big kid just getting interested in learning how colors play together, teaching your child about art is a great way to build up fine motor skills and learn about colors and patterns.

Our packages are full of colorful activities. Here are just a few of the artistic coloring pages and DIY crafts that come in the monthly packages of Early Explorers and the World Edition. You can even print them out and get a head start on learning about the world’s art!

Arts & Crafts Activities from the World Edition

Draw your own kite pattern, learn about the Argentinian sport called pato, and celebrate cultural heritage with these artistic activities! Your child will have a blast every month with these crafty activities and more when subscribed to the World Edition.

gifts for kids who love art - horse drawinggifts for kids who love art - horse drawinggifts for kids who love art - horse drawinggifts for kids who love art - horse drawing


Early Explorers

An Early Explorers subscription is a fun gift for preschoolers who love arts and crafts – there’s a whole month that teaches young minds about art. Included in the Art package is a real canvas and painting supplies that let toddlers express their creativity with non-toxic paints! Below, explore the instruction booklet that comes with the Art package.Early Explorers Art Instructions

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