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Dinosaur Excavating Activities for Kids

Digging for dinosaurs gives kids a chance to fire up their imaginations and discover incredible surprises—stegosaurs, tyrannosaurs, pteranodons, and more! These dinosaur excavating activities use materials you have around the house to bring the thrills of paleontology home.

Dinosaur excavation toys

1.Dinosaur Ice Excavating

Kids enjoy ice excavating activities at many ages. You can use a cake pan, fill it with tiny toys and water, then freeze. It’s a great activity to do on a hot day because the warm sun makes excavating the toys even easier. Here is a fun twist on that activity!


  • Mini dinosaurs
  • 8″ balloons

dino 3

Step 1: Stretch the opening of each balloon with your fingers. Squeeze a mini dinosaur into the opening.

dino 4

Step 2: Continue until you have the number of “dinosaur eggs” you want!

Dinosaur ice balloons

Step 3: Fill each balloon with water, tie off ends, and freeze until solid.

Dinosaur Ice

Step 4: To open, cut off the end of each balloon with scissors and peel the balloon away from the ice inside. Now you have frozen dinosaur eggs all ready to crack open!

Dinosaur excavation

Step 5: Use an eye dropper and warm water to slowly melt the ice and release the mini dinosaur inside.

Dinosaur excavation

Step 6: You can also use small tools to help get the dinosaurs out of the ice (adult supervision required).

dino 1

2. Dino Surprise Soap

This excavating activity involves bath time! Create dinosaur eggs out of Ivory soap with a mini dinosaur surprise inside.

Dinosaur soap supplies Supplies:

  • Ivory soap (1 bar for each dinosaur egg, grated into fine shreds)
  • Mini dinosaurs
  • Water
  • Grater

Dinosaur soap step 1

Step 1: Press a small handful of grated soap into your hand. Place a mini dinosaur on top and pack the remaining soap shreds around the dinosaur to form it in into an egg shape. Use a tiny bit of water (a spray bottle works great) to smooth out and help pack the soap.

dino 15

Step 2: Let dry and enjoy.

dino 16

As the kids wash themselves during bath time, the tiny dinosaur inside will gradually emerge!