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Spook-tacular Scavenger Hunt

Go on a Spook-tacular Scavenger Hunt!

Hey, all you mummies and daddies, why not turn Halloween into a frightfully fun scavenger hunt? Challenge your little pumpkins to be on the lookout for these candies, decorations, and costumes on your trick-or-treat travels. As kids spot the items, you help by checking them off. If you’d prefer to do all the hunting at home, try a candy-only scavenger hunt instead. Sort through the sweet treats and see how many are a match. This can also be a great time to talk to your child about the memorable parts of the night. Which house’s decorations were their favorite? Which costume was the spookiest? Did any adult answer the door dressed up as something silly or scary? Be sure to share a magic Halloween memory from your own childhood! Click here to download your scavenger hunt printable.

Halloween Printable
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