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Japan Favorites Page

Kids Activities, Japanese Characters, Happiness

Animal: Koi Fish

I love the bright colors of these fish, and the way they glide through the water in loops!

Art: Tanabata Decorations

People send decorations and written wishes down the river for the Japanese Star Festival. Paper streamers twirl in the wind. So cool!

Japanese Character: “Happiness”

I love the shape of this character. Use the picture and practice drawing your own happiness!

Kids Activities, Japanese Character, Star

Animal: Raccoon Dog

They’re called “tanuki” in Japanese and legend says that they can shapeshift into other animals.

Art: Kabuki Theatre

Performers wear dramatic costumes and wild makeup to put on Kabuki theatre plays. They act and dance and tell awesome stories.

Japanese Character: “Star”

No matter where you are in the world, there are always stars above you!