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France Minisite Welcome Page


Thanks for following the link! We have another great story to tell you about our trip to France. We already wrote all about Camille and her dog, Hugo. That was a great adventure, but just wait until you meet our friend Abrielle.

Les Invalides, Paris

Les Invalides in Spring

We met Abrielle outside of a group of buildings and museums called Les Invalides. She was pacing back and forth in one of the stone patios. She looked really upset. We asked her what was wrong and she said that her father was an artist. His work was about to be displayed in a show inside Les Invalides. Well, that’s great! Sofia said. Yes, Abrielle answered, but I forgot one of his paintings at home. I don’t know how I’ll get it here before the show.

We asked her where she lived and she said, Bordeaux. Bordeaux is hours away from Paris. Abrielle was right – she’d never get back in time. We can take you, I said. How? Abrielle asked. It’s so far away! I was just about to tell Abrielle about our scooter when Sofia pulled me aside. She reminded me that we couldn’t tell Abrielle about the scooter. Magic scooters are one of those things you have to keep secret. You’re right, I said.  But we have to help her!

Chateau in Bordeaux

Abrielle’s Chateau in Bordeaux

We finally told Abrielle that we’d take her to get the painting on our scooter, but only if she promised to close her eyes during the ride. She agreed and we all hopped on. ZOOM! We zipped away and suddenly we were in front of a beautiful house surrounded by miles of grapevines. Bordeaux is famous for its vineyards, and Abrielle lived right in the middle of one!

Abrielle rushed into the house and scurried out with a big painting wrapped in cloth. We strapped it to the back of the scooter and off we went. We raced through rows of grapevine, the leaves shining against the setting sun. We were almost out of time!

When we skidded to a stop outside of Les Invalides, the show had already started. How will we get in without being seen? Abrielle asked. Sofia whipped a tour map out of her bag and pointed to a back entrance. I have a plan, she said.

We snuck through a backdoor only Sofia would have noticed and I snagged a tray of pastries from the kitchen. I walked into the museum hall and distracted some guests with the pastries while Abrielle and Sofia hung the painting in a flash.

When I turned around, I saw the painting. It was beautiful, with a sun setting over a vineyard. It looked just like our adventure.

Sam (and Sofia)