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Early Explorers Look Under the Sea Activity

Look Under The Sea Activity With Myriam Sandler from Mothercould

This month we traveled under the sea as we explored the ocean with our Little Passports Early Explorers Box! There is so much mystery to the great blue sea and some exciting things we’ve been able to explore. Deep ocean waters are very dark making them hard to uncover. Some sea creatures glow in the dark and scientists can explore them using a submarine. From what we have discovered, the colorful coral reefs of the Pacific Ocean are simply breathtaking.

Emma and I just learned that they are made of living creatures called Polyps. How cool is that? There is so much to explore.

Going through this month’s Explorers’ Box, I thought we could dive deeper into the ocean with a fun way of looking through the surface. I grabbed some supplies from the kitchen and dove straight in. The box included a fun fishing game, stickers, activity book, and fact cards. We used the stickers for the activity and went fishing as we found the sea creatures under the sea. It was a blast! Check out my Instagram page to watch us create this activity.

Look Under The Sea Activity



-Dish soap

-Blue food coloring (optional)

-Clear tray

-Plastic wrap 



-Clear cup


Step One: Cut a piece of plastic wrap and place it on the table. Add stickers on top and place the clear tray on top of the sticker area.

Step Two: Add water, dish soap, and food coloring to the clear tray.

Step Three: Use a whisk to make bubbles in the water.

Step Four: Place the clear cup upside down in the water. It becomes a looking glass!