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Macaw paper plate rainforest craft from Little Passports

Macaw Paper Plate Rainforest Craft

A-rawwwk! What’s not to love about macaws? These big, brightly colored parrots live in the rainforests of Central America and South America. Strong, quick, and very smart, they crush nuts with their powerful beaks, take playful baths, and sometimes use objects as tools. Their telltale colors also make them great subjects for a fun, vibrant rainforest craft for kids!

Finished macaw rainforest paper plate craft


Child-safe scissors
4 white paper plates
Black marker
Paint (red, yellow, and blue)
Glue stick


Step one: Cut a paper plate in half. Draw a beak on one half and color it in.

Child coloring beak on paper plate

Step two: Paint both halves of the paper plate red except for the beak.

Child painting paper plate red

Step three: Make red, yellow, and blue handprints on a second and third plate. Cut the handprints out to make the wings.

Child painting hand with rainbow colors

Step four: Cut out one quarter of another paper plate and paint it to make the tail feathers. Paint to match the colors of the wings.

Child painting paper plate rainbow

Step five: Draw an eye on another piece of paper plate, then cut it out.

Child drawing eye on paper plate

Step six: Glue all the pieces together.

Child assembling rainforest craft

To watch a fun video of the macaw rainforest paper plate craft coming together, head on over to our Instagram or TikTok pages!