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Integrate Learning with Playing through Little Passports Subscription Boxes

Playing with your child is a wonderful way to connect with them and gain insight into their world—not to mention bask in their smiles and laughter! But your kid’s playtime is more than an opportunity for fun. It’s also the perfect time to incorporate learning and ignite their curiosity. 

Well-designed subscription boxes for kids make blending learning and play easy. Signing up for a box takes the prep work out of planning amazing playtimes, so busy adults can spend less time getting ready and more time playing with their kids and sharing knowledge about the world.

What Are Subscription Boxes?

Subscription boxes are recurring deliveries of bundled products. You can find subscription box services for just about any interest, from kitchenware to superhero-themed memorabilia. 

The best kid-centered subscription boxes deliver a curated box of high-quality stories, games, and activities right to your door every month. Getting started is easy. Simply select a themed box that matches your kid’s interests (whether they’re budding artists, future rocket scientists, or world explorers), and your first package will ship within a few days.

Choosing the Perfect Subscription Box

Subscription boxes allow kids of all ages, skill levels, and interests to try new activities and explore their passions. How do you know which one is right for your child, niece, nephew, grandkid, or other loved one? Here’s a quick guide:

  • Age range: The perfect subscription box for four-year-olds may not interest children who are 10. Review the box before placing your order to be sure it’s age-appropriate for the kid you have in mind. 
  • Practicality: A great subscription box fits the needs, abilities, and play space of the child who receives it. Be sure to select a box that fits their interests and will be easy for them to use at home. You want the recipient to open it and immediately dive in!
  • Overall value: When you order a subscription box, you get both the product and the convenience of it arriving monthly, without you needing to select individual activities within it. Look at the description of each box and make sure you feel you’re getting your money’s worth buying it. The best kids’ subscription boxes excite kids and deliver great value.

Get to Know Little Passports Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes from Little Passports with the products inside them

Little Passports is proud to offer a wide selection of award-winning subscription boxes for kids of all ages. Our boxes help children explore geography, new cultures, STEM-based subjects, and much more through fun activities the whole family can enjoy.

New Subscription Boxes

Boxes and games from Little Passports’ Animals Wild subscription

Animals Wild: This box introduces children ages three to five to the animal kingdom. With this subscription, your kid will receive a new box every month, each containing a playset, game, and other activities about animals worldwide that live in the rainforest, ocean, desert, forest, and more. It’s the perfect gift for a young zoologist who wants to walk on the wild side.


Tongs, game, and recipes from Little Passports’ Kitchen Adventures subscription box

Kitchen Adventures: Have a kid who loves to help you cook? Give your young chef a taste of international cuisine with the Kitchen Adventures box. Children ages seven and up explore a different city or region every month, receiving several kid-tested, kid-approved recipes from America’s Test Kitchen Kids, plus a cooking tool and a hands-on activity or game. They’ll also be sent a “Flavor Journal” from Little Passports characters Sam and Sofia to keep track of the dishes that tickle their taste buds.

Culture and Geography

Activities from Little Passports’ Early Explorers subscription box

Early Explorers: Kids look at the world with awe and wonder, so why not show them how much our planet has to offer with this subscription box for three-to five-year-olds? Each box contains toys and activities to teach your little one about different places around the world. Your child can build models of homes from new countries, learn about the ocean with wooden fishing toys, enjoy stories from Little Passports pen pals Max, Mia, and Toby, and more. This themed box will help your child develop a deep interest in the world and other cultures.

Books and activities from Little Passports’ World Edition subscription

World Edition: World Edition is a wonderful subscription box for a kid who loves to learn all about new places. Children ages six to ten can take their imaginations to Brazil, Iceland, Thailand, and beyond with a subscription box full of activities and adventures from other cultures. Each month focuses on a different country with a package containing stories, crafts, and a recipe to help your child learn more about the month’s location. Your kid will receive a replica coin from each country and a stamp for their “little passport” so they can feel like a genuine world traveler.


Projects and experiments from Little Passports’ Science Junior subscription box

Science Junior: The Science Junior box helps early elementary schoolers discover the wonders of science firsthand. Five- to eight-year-olds can indulge their curiosity with a monthly delivery of stories, games, and simple experiments. Encourage your kid to build a miniature volcano, a paper anthill, a pulley system, and more. Each month’s activities will prompt your child to explore new things and foster a love of scientific exploration.

Experiments and stories from Little Passports’ Science Expeditions subscription

Science Expeditions: Help your young science fan take their experiments to the next level with Science Expeditions. This subscription box teaches children ages eight and up about more complex scientific topics such as aerodynamics, forensics, and solar energy with fun projects and engaging comic books featuring Sam and Sofia.

Help Your Children Discover New Passions 

Playtime can help children stay curious, expand their horizons, and learn new things—which is why it’s important to give them a rotating variety of play experiences that introduce new concepts.

We ensure that each Little Passports subscription box is age-appropriate, educational, kid-tested, and full of fun! There’s no commitment, so you can cancel at any time. Plus, we offer free shipping throughout the contiguous United States. Month-to-month packages are available, or you can save by signing up for a 6-month or 12-month subscription. Head on over to our shop to see the latest deals and learn more today!