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ArtScience Museum in Singapore

5 Coolest Science Museums Around the World

Inspire your kids to learn about science by visiting the coolest science museums around the world. From Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, each museum has interactive games and experiments meant to capture young imaginations!



Ontario Science Centre – Canada

Build your own roller coaster, rock out in a music studio, and blow giant bubbles at the Ontario Science Centre! Or, visit the Science Arcade and learn about physics with a shadow tunnel, a bike generator and light tricks.  There’s also a huge “backyard” on the museum property where you can do nature walks, check out a petrified tree, view ancient corals and meteorites.



ArtScience Museum – Singapore

This museum is beautiful to behold and lives up to its name. Walk through the Future World exhibit with 16 different art installations featuring engineering and technology. They literally light up the room! Play with giant light balls that each have their own music when you touch them in the Light Ball Orchestra. Create your own hopscotch game in Hopscotch for Geniuses. Up to four children get in free on Fridays with purchase of one adult ticket at this spectacular flower-shaped design and technology museum!



MUSE Museo delle Scienze – Trento, Italy

In between Milan and Venice, just north of Verona, is the Museo delle Scienze, an Italian wonder of science and technology.  It’s built exactly like a mountain: the top terrace and 4th floor have exhibits about the sun and ice, the midlevel floors house exhibits on biodiversity, sustainability and evolution, and the basement level contains a tropical greenhouse. They currently have an Oculus Rift available to try, and an Open Lab where kids can play with biotechnology, biology and chemistry experiments.



Petrosains, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Malaysia is an amazing place to visit. Nestled in the capital city of Kuala Lumpur is the science museum Petrosains.  Covering topics like space, time, speed, oil, molecules and nanotechnology, Petrosains has a wide variety of hands-on interactive exhibits and science shows. They are great for a wide range of ages! Meet Moly and Poly, the museum mascots who guide you through the world of atoms, and build a kinetic tunnel on a magnetic wall. Kids can easily spend all day in this museum!



Science Centre NEMO – Amsterdam

Play outside on the roof and learn about wind, water and solar energy. Or, go inside and learn about mathematics in the funhouse-style World of Shapes exhibit. Teens even have their own special section of the museum which covers hormonal topics like French kissing. Don’t worry, little ones are carefully denied access by museum staff patrolling the entrance.