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Exploring Canada with Little Passports

Exploring Canada with Little Passports!

This week, take a peek inside the World Edition’s Canada package. We asked guest blogger Amanda Shaw, a writer and mom of three (and a Canadian to boot), to tell us how her family “travels” with Little Passports. Read on!

Little Passports Exploring Canada Map with Cartoon Landmarks

Canadians Travel to Canada, with Little Passports!

We’’d been waiting for this month’’s package for what seemed a particularly long time. When we saw the clue in our Antarctica package that next month we’’d be visiting Canada, we were thrilled. How could we not be? We live on the outskirts of Montreal!

Canada’’s a big country— – the second largest in the world, in fact! And so it turned out that even though we live here, we had a lot to learn.

Little Passports Exploring Canada Blog Photo of Girl with Early Explorers Package, Blowing a whistle

Little Passports Canada Souvenir

Within the first minute of opening up our Canada package, we couldn’’t help but put ourselves into an adventure mindset. The souvenir was a little explorer’’s dream: a whistle, compass and mirror all in one! (In fact, it’’s a souvenir that hasn’’t made it back into the suitcase.) We quickly devoured the letter (giggling over Sam’’s mishap on ice skates) and learned about some amazing attractions on the other side of Canada.

Then it was time to check out the Canada activities. We started in the kitchen by whipping up some Canadian maple cookies (because, yes, we have real maple syrup on hand at all times). Please note: this recipe will yield at least four dozen cookies, even if little fingers end up stealing a lot of dough. Yum!

Little Passports Exploring Canada Blog Making Maple Cookies

Canadian Maple Cookies

Little Passports Exploring Canada Blog Girl and Boy Building Inukshuks

Building Inukshuks

We let the cookies cool off as we headed outside to make an inukshuk. We were dreaming big at this point, so we gathered large rocks from the woods behind our house, as well as from the landscaping, and the kids were very proud of their creation. We also talked about making some tiny inukshuks with pebbles from the park and leaving them in public places for others to discover.

Sweaty and tired, we retreated to the living room and had great fun coming up with a host of myths to explain the northern lights. When the conversation started to derail to stories about mythical beings passing colorful and explosive gas… well, I decided those cookies had cooled down enough and it was snack time.

Little Passports Exploring Canada Blog Sam & Sofia Dressed in Fur Coats against Canadian Landscape

Moraine Lake in Alberta, Canada

Little Passports usually gives us the travel bug each and every month. We dream about what it would be like to actually set foot in India, Egypt or Ireland. We savor the tastes of Thailand, Argentina or Russia, and wish we were buying those delicious treats from street vendors. And this month was no different! We’’ve been bitten by the travel bug, but this time to explore our own beautiful land. Top of our list? Breathtaking Moraine Lake in Alberta, which we first admired on our Little Passports postcard.

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