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United Nations flags

Take Our United Nations Quiz!

This year, United Nations Day is celebrated on October 24th. The United Nations is an organization that was created to promote international cooperation. In 2001, they even won the Nobel Peace Prize! Many believe that the organization is an important force for peace around the world.

Test your United Nations knowledge by taking our quiz:

1. When was the United Nations Formed?

a.  1925
b.  1935
c.  1945

2. How many original member countries were part of the United Nations?

a.  20
b.  51
c.  67

3.  The following are all missions of the United Nations; fill in the blank to complete the sentences:

a.  To keep _______ and security around the world.  (peace, love or cheer)
b. To develop friendly relations among all ____________.   (countries, cities or nations)
c.  To help improve living standards of all ________.  (kittens, people or humans)
d.  To _________ Human Rights.  (serve, protect or earn)

4. There are 6 official languages used at the United Nations. Fill in the missing one:

Arabic, Chinese, English, ____________, Russian and Spanish. (Portuguese, French or Hindi)

5. On the United Nations flag, what is surrounding the World map?

a.  Doves
b.  Olive branches
c.  Hearts

Check your answers in the comment section, no peaking! 

For those global citizens who would like to learn more, you can check out the UN website. You may also look into whether or not your school has (or could create) a Model United Nations organization.

Happy United Nations Day – October 24th, 2015!