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Twelve ways to Say Thanks!

12 Ways to Say Thanks Around The World

In the United States of America, Thanksgiving is a day to give thanks and appreciate all of the good things in life. This year, learn to say thanks in 12 different languages around the world!

Thanks Around the World

In Germany, they say “Danke!”  (pronounced dahn-kah)

In Spanish-speaking countries like Mexico and Spain, they say, ¡Gracias! (pronounced gra-see-us)

The Dutch say, “Bedankt!” (bay dahnkt)

In Hawaiian, they say, “Mahalo!” (ma-ha-lo)

In French, they say, “Merci!” and thank you very much is “Merci Beaucoup! (pronounced mehr-see and mehr-see bo-coo)

In Finnish, they say, “Kiitos!” (pronounced kee-toass)

In Chinese, they say, “謝謝 (xièxie)” (pronounced hsie hsie)

In Sweden, they say, “Tack!” (pronounced tahkk)

In Portuguese, they say, “Obrigado!” (pronounced oh-bree-gah-doh)

In Polish, they say, “Dzięki!” (pronounced jen kee)

In South Korea, they say, “감사합니다!” (pronounced kahm-sa-ham-nee-da)

In Czech, they say, “Díky!” (pronounced dee-kee)