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ROFL! Dad Jokes to Make the Whole Family Laugh

Dad jokes—they’re notoriously cringey, yet we love them anyway. Whether they make you burst out laughing or roll your eyes in embarrassment, dads love to sneak in a corny joke here and there. To all the dads, moms, and kids out there, this list of dad jokes is for you! Tell them to your dad this Father’s Day, or better yet, have Dad tell them and see if he can make the family laugh. However you end up celebrating your dad this year, make sure he knows how much he is loved and appreciated. Let the giggles commence!

Little Passports’ Favorite Dad Jokes:

Call and response:

1. Kid: I’m hungry.

    Dad: Hi Hungry, I’m Dad!

2. Kid: How do I look today?

    Dad: With your eyes!

3. Kid: Bye, Dad! I’ll call you later.

    Dad: Just call me Dad!


1. I would tell you a joke about pizza, but it’s too cheesy.

2. I never thought I’d be the type of person to have a beard. But it just grew on me.

3. Justice is best served cold. If it were warm, it would be justwater.


1. What do you call a person with no body and no nose? Nobody knows.

2. What did the drummer name his twin daughters? Anna One, Anna Two.

3. What kind of cheese can never be yours? Nacho cheese.

4. What do you call a fake noodle? An impasta.


1. Want to hear a long joke? Jooooooooooooooooooooooke.

2. What kind of dog can jump higher than a skyscraper? Any kind. Skyscrapers can’t jump.

3. What’s green and smells like yellow paint? Green paint.

4. What do you call a fish with four eyes? Fiiiish!

5. What side of a tree grows the most branches? The outside!

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