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Happy Mother's Day flowers

Happy Mother’s Day from Little Passports!

Happy Mother’s Day! We asked our Facebook community what their favorite ‘mommy’ moment was, check out some of our favorites below!

“My son was collecting sesame seeds off of his burger bun when he was about 3 or 4; he was gonna grow a hamburger tree! Also, when my daughter would say, “Mommy, my brain hurts”, when she had a headache.” – Lia, San Diego, CA.

“I have a 2.5 year old daughter. So far my favorite mommy moments are every time I hear the words I love you mommy.” – Cathy, Ontario, Canada.

“My son mostly repeats what we’re saying at two years old. Today, without prompting, he told the Trader Joe’s employee who sneezed, “Bless you!” – Karen,  Alexandria, VA.

“There’s always a moment but this weeks is when my eldest son said, ‘Mummy, I didn’t know the Queen sung we will rock you? I didn’t know she could sing.’  Just too cute! ” – Melissa, Bradford, UK.

“That my boys (31 and 25) still call me momma.” – Tonya, Cincinnati, OH

“My two girls sleep with me. I love being awoken by them with kisses and cuddles and pokes. It’s just the best start for the day, they’re 1 and 4.” – Estefânia, Portsmouth, England.

“My son told me that the sun and moon aren’t too far so he loves me to another galaxy and back!” – Amy, San Francisco, CA.

Thank you to all you hardworking, amazing mothers out there! Hope you all have a wonderful and well deserved Mother’s Day!

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