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A Grandparents Day Reading List for Kids!

Grandparents Day is a special day for Little Passports. It’s a day we strongly believe in celebrating!

We encourage all of our young global citizens to ask their grandparents (or an elderly person they have a special bond with) about their childhood. Ask them where they grew up and what their town was like. Ask them about their favorite travels and adventures! They’ve been explorers for many years and will have some exciting stories to share with you.

Speaking of stories, we wanted to share our own Grandparents Day Reading List, with five of our favorite books involving grandparents.

1.  Pirate Gran, by Geraldine Durrant

Gran is no ordinary gran, she’s been a pirate since she was a young girl. She still wears her pirate hat around the house, carves the roast with her cutlass and even keeps a pet crocodile under her bed!

2. Our Grandparents, by Maya Ajmera, Sheila Kinkade and Cynthia Pon

This photo album captures relationships between kids and grandparents around the world. Flip through the photos and feel the love kids and grandparents share.

3. Heidi, by Johanna Spyri

This is a tale of a joyful orphan sent to live with her hermit-like grandfather in the Swiss Alps. There, she helps change the lives of not only her grandfather, but many others.

4. The Moon Lady, by Amy Tan

On a rainy afternoon, three sisters wish for the rain to stop, wish they could play in the puddles, wish for something, ANYTHING, to do. So their grandmother, Ying Yang tells them an old tale about the night she met the Moon Lady, who grants the secret wishes of those who ask.

Enjoy these other great reads involving grandparents:

  • Here Comes Grandma, by Janet Lord
  •  Me With You, by Kristy Dempsey
  • The Mitten, by Jan Brett
  • The Patchwork Quilt, by Valerie Flournoy
  •  Phoenix (5 Ancestors Out of the Ashes Series #1), by Jeff Stone
  • Abuela, by Arthur Dorros

To all the grandparents around the world – we honor you today and every day. We thank you for the wisdom you impart, the love you provide, and the stories you tell!