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Pointing out map locations

Exploring the World Edition with Amy from Hooked

We love hearing from bloggers, and when Amy from Hooked showed us her beautiful photography of her daughter exploring the world, we couldn’t help but want to share! Here’s an excerpt from her blog post. Thanks, Amy!

The Verdict

Twinkle loved the World Edition subscription.  She is in the lower end of the age range for this pack and therefore I was concerned that it might not hold her attention, as it might for an older child, but it really did.

The packaging and all of the lovely items inside are bright and eye catching.

The quality of the items is also very good.

The lovely little suitcase which comes with the first pack is sturdy and will easily last the full subscription and beyond.

Twinkle enjoyed taking a journey with the children ‘Sam and Sofia’ who are featured throughout and their magical scooter which whisks them to a different country each month.  She particularly liked the passport and that you update it with stickers to show where you have been each month.  She thought that was really special.

I enjoyed the one on one time it gave me with Twinkle.  We looked on the world map together, to find where we live and where we have been and want to go.