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Blog header: Pop-up Christmas tree card on right, text reading "Pop-Up Christmas Tree Card" on left

Pop-Up Christmas Tree Card

Kids will love creating their own tree-mendous holiday cards with a festive pop-up surprise inside. There’s plenty of room to create a custom message—and for a whole constellation of glitter glue stars!

Pop-Up Christmas Tree Card Supplies

Glue, scissors, pencil, markers, cardboard, glitter glue, and ruler on top of construction paper
  • Red and green construction paper
  • Pencil
  • Child-safe scissors (if the child will do the cutting)
  • Glue
  • Small piece of cardboard
  • Glitter glue
  • Gold and silver metallic markers 

Pop-Up Christmas Card Directions

Step one: To make the tree, fold a sheet of green construction paper in half crosswise. Fold again in half crosswise, then fold in half lengthwise.

Step two: Starting at the top of the folded end, draw a right triangle. Then draw lines from the folded end to the right side of the triangle. Draw the side of the Christmas tree by making connecting lines from the top line to the bottom corner of the next line.

Folded construction paper with a Christmas tree drawn on it

Step three: Cut the side of the tree following the pattern drawn. (For a fuller tree, use two sheets of green paper for steps two and three.) Stack the paper trees by applying glue to the folded crease and sticking them on top of one another.

Scissors cutting a Christmas tree out of construction paper
Person putting glue in crease of folded paper Christmas tree
Person gluing a second folded paper Christmas tree inside of the first

Step four: Fold the red sheet of paper in half crosswise, then stick the tree in the middle by aligning their creases.

Person gluing paper Christmas tree to crease of a folded piece of red construction paper

Step five: To make the trunk, fold a small strip of cardboard in half three times and glue below the tree.

Person folding cardboard to make the trunk of a pop-up Christmas tree card
Pop-up Christmas tree card with folded cardboard tree trunk

Step six: To make ornaments, cut out four green circles of equal size, stack, and fold in half. Apply glue to the crease of a circle and stick folded circles on top of one other, aligning their creases. Make two sets.

Person folding construction paper to make ornament decorations
Person gluing folded Christmas ornaments together

Step seven: Decorate the inside of the card with a star tree topper and glitter glue stars.

Interior of pop-up Christmas tree card decorated with glitter glue stars

Step eight: Decorate the front with a message and pop-up holiday ornaments.

Front of a fully decorated pop-up Christmas tree card

Your Christmas card is ready to bring cheer to those dear!