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Pop-up Halloween card on right, text reading "Poppin' Halloween Card" on left

Poppin’ Halloween Card

In this spooktacular Halloween craft, kids create their own creepy cast of characters to make a pop-up card that’s full of surprises! Ours features a haunted house complete with ghosts, bats, and, of course, a black cat.

Pop-up Halloween Card Supplies

Supplies for a pop-up Halloween card: scissors, pencil, glue stick, ruler, construction paper
  • Construction paper in multiple colors
  • White copy paper
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Child-safe scissors (if the child will do the cutting)
  • Glue

Pop-up Halloween Card Directions

Step one: Draw a spooky house, two cats, and five bats on a black sheet of construction paper. Then draw two ghosts on a white sheet of paper and two circles on a yellow sheet of paper for the moon (you can trace a circular object such as a jar lid if you don’t want to draw freehand).

Person drawing circles on yellow paper using stencil

Step two: Cut out all the images. Using different colors of paper, cut 10 small squares for the windows of the house and one small rectangle for the door. The house will look spookier if the shapes are a little uneven! Lay out all cutouts and organize by group.

Ghosts, bats, cats, moons, and other Halloween images cut out of construction paper

Step three: Fold an orange sheet of paper in half crosswise. Draw a narrow rectangle (for the cat) and a wide rectangle (for the house) from the folded side.

Hand drawing on folded construction paper

Step four: Cut both sides of each rectangle, then fold inward as shown below.

Cut and folded construction paper
Cut and folded construction paper opened up

Step five: Stick the door and windows on the spooky house. Feel free to decorate the black cat’s face too. Then fold a black sheet of paper crosswise and decorate the front part.

Decorated spooky Halloween house made of construction paper
Construction paper decorated with Halloween images

Step six: Stick the orange sheet of paper with pop-up rectangles on the back of the black sheet of paper. Then apply glue on the lower side of each rectangle.

Hands gluing pop-up Halloween card together

Step seven: Stick the spooky house on the wider rectangle and the cat on the narrow rectangle. Decorate the background with a moon and bats.

Spooky house and cat glued onto pop-up Halloween card
Decorated pop-up Halloween card seen from above

Your Halloween card is ready to deliver a shiver!