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Kids reading brightly colored books

4 Tips for Raising a Life-Long Reader

We asked our friend Carson, a children’s librarian in Beaverton, Oregon to share some tips on how to raise a life-long reader. Check out her list below! 

We all lead busy lives and it is often difficult to set aside time to just sit with a book. It has been proven that children who enjoy reading have greater success in school and so fostering a love of reading in your child should be a priority, just like eating your veggies.

Once you get started, it’s not so hard to maintain. I challenge you all to follow these simple tips and make reading and sharing books a part of your daily routine. Here are a few tips to get you started.

1. Choose books that your child enjoys reading.
This seems like a simple one but in reality, a lot of adults struggle with this. We want our children to read the books that we loved as a child or books that we believe to be good literature or meet a prescribed reading level. Reading books should never be a chore for your child, it should be fun! If you have a reluctant reader on your hands try introducing them to comic books (like the ones about Sam and Sofia in Science Expeditions!) or non-fiction books. Making reading an enjoyable experience is the first step in raising a life-long reader. Still need help finding books your child is excited to read? Visit your local library and ask a librarian for recommendations.

2. Read to your child.
Children are NEVER too old to be read to. Reading to your child every night before bed becomes a special routine that they can count on. This is time when your child will have your undivided attention and they will treasure it. I still fondly remember the time my mom spent reading to me as a child. As your children get older try reading chapter books aloud. This special time spent together will stay with your child forever.

3. Encourage children to explore their interests through books.
So your child likes Minecraft? Visit the library together and check out all of the books about Minecraft or horses or LEGO or whatever their passion of the moment might be. The library is a fantastic place to find books on the subjects your child is eager to learn more about and also find new subjects to excite them. Even better, get excited right along with them! Help your child search for books and ask questions about what they are learning.

4. Enjoy reading yourself.
You are your child’’s first and most important teacher. If your child sees that you enjoy reading for pleasure it will encourage them to love reading for pleasure. Find books that you love to read and regularly make time for yourself to sit down with a book. Happy reading!


Carson is a children’s librarian in Beaverton, Oregon with a master’s degree in Library and Information Sciences.  Carson grew up in Fort Worth, Texas and moved to Oregon with her sister just over ten years ago. Books and reading have always played an important role in Carson’s life and she is grateful to have the opportunity to teach others to love books as well.