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keep children entertained on flight

Top Tips On Keeping Children Entertained On A Flight

Holidays – relaxing in the sun, swimming in the sea and playing in the sand. Fun for the whole family, and a chance to see and learn about the great cultures of the world.

Though the idea is to have a relaxing time, it doesn’t always pan out like that. Particularly when you are traveling to your destination with the little ones!

Here, our friends at Trunki share some top tips on how to keep your tots entertained on longer journeys – whether it is a drive, a flight, a coach trip or even a boat ride, these tips will make things that little bit easier, and much less stressful for the parents!

Here we go…

To start with, pack their best-loved stuffed toy – the connection kids have with their soft toys can be very comforting – they provide a buddy to cuddle if they are a bit scared, and brings familiar comfort in strange, new and chaotic surroundings.

Tablets & smartphones – A smartphone, tablet or iPad full of children’s e-books and movies is a wonderful way to ensure they stay entertained for a while. You could also download games, educational apps and other multimedia platforms that your little ones might find entertaining.

Kid’s headphones – We all worry about our children’s hearing. You can now buy headphones that are specially made for kids – they have built-in volume control, to ensure little ears don’t get damaged, and those sitting close by don’t get irritated by secondary noise.  

Finger foods – Raisins or other small snacks allow babies and toddlers to practice their pincer movement and finger dexterity. For older children, biscuits can be a good choice, and lollipops as well to help with the change in air pressure.

A children’s magazine – Pick one up from the airport for cheap, and they almost guaranteed to provide hours of entertainment. You often get freebies like stickers and other smaller toys – bonus!

Crayons – To draw with or use with activity books. No need to sharpen, and if you get them on your clothing they easily wash off!

A new toy – You can’t beat the excitement a new toy brings! A new toy will certainly provide extra entertainment… at least until the novelty wears off, or it breaks!

In addition, always take a look at Trunki. While Trunki doesn’t specialize in toys, they do specialize in travel for children. They have a range of products that can make things much more comfortable for your little one, and more relaxing for you. Take a look at their fantastic range here, including the classic Ride-on Trunki suitcase for little ones on the move!

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