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Spooky Static Ghosts

Spooky Static Ghost Activity

Costumes and candy? Been there, done that. This year put a little more trick than treat into your Halloween festivities with spooky static ghosts. Teach the kiddos about positive and negative electrons with this simple science activity.

Materials to make Spooky Static Ghosts:

  • Scissors
  • Tissue
  • Tape
  • A balloon

Supplies for Static Ghost Activity

Spooky Static Ghost Steps:

Step 1. Using your tissue paper, cut out a ghost. (Tip: the smaller the ghost, the better. We recommend about 2-3 inches max!)

Step 2. Tape the tail end of the ghost to a hard surface.

Step 3. Blow up your balloon and tie the end.

Step 4. Rub the balloon on your head vigorously for about 10 seconds to build a static charge.

Step 5. Hold the balloon just above the ghost. If your balloon has enough static charge, the ghost will rise. BOO!

Bring on the Science!

When you rub the balloon on your head electrons with a negative charge gather on the surface, those electrons have the power to pull a light object with a positive charge (such as the tissue ghost) toward them!