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Mardi Gras Handprint Mask

It’s time for Mardi Gras and Carnival! Many people don’t realize that Mardi Gras and Carnival are the same celebration, which marks the time before the beginning of Lent, the forty-day period that leads up to Easter. Traditionally during Lent, no parties or other celebrations are held, and people refrain from eating rich foods, such as meat, dairy, fat and sugar. Naturally, many people want to indulge before the strictness of Lent, so Carnival is the time for fun!

Costumes are a large part of Mardi Gras and Carnival, so we’ve come up with a fun and easy mask craft that you can do at home with some construction paper and simple decorations.


Construction paper


Stick or straw

Pencil or marker

Tape or glue

Paint, crayons or glitter (whatever you want to decorate with!)


1. Trace your little one’s right hand on one color of construction paper

2. Trace their left hand on another color of construction paper

3. Cut out the handprints and tape or glue together

4. Line up and cut out eye holes

5. Decorate with any design you choose!

6. Attach the stick or straw with glue or tape and your mask is done!

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