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Little Passports Igloo

Make an Edible Igloo

Bring out your kid’s inner architectural side and learn about how igloos are built, then make one yourself! The recipe below is not only edible, it’s delicious – and while you snack, you can read more about the science of igloos under the recipe.

You can find this recipe and more in our Alaska State Journal from our USA Edition.



How do Igloos Work?

Igloos are not built flat on a surface. Rather, you dig a tunnel lower than the surface you’re building on, and then the inside of an igloo has a terrace, where the middle part has a fire, and the sleeping part is even higher up than that.  The heat inside the igloo rises because warm air is less dense than cold air, so the sleeping part is at the highest point in the igloo.

The other way that igloos keep warm inside is by keeping the wind from entering the indoor space.  To keep chilly wind away, igloo entrances often have at least one right angle turn, and sometimes multiple so that no breezes get through!