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Dancing Raisins 3

Dancing Raisins

Everyone knows raisins can’t dance. Or… can they? Try this fun and easy experiment to find out.


Club soda (clear carbonated water)


A glass

Rice (optional)


Step 1: Pour carbonated water into a glass so it is about 2/3 full.


Step 2: Add three or four raisins to the glass.


Step 3: Wait and watch.

What’s Happening? First, the raisins sink to the bottom of the glass. Then, they become covered with carbon dioxide-filled bubbles. Those bubbles travel to the top of the glass, carrying the raisins with them. Once at the surface, the bubbles burst and the raisins fall to the bottom. Then, the cycle happens again and again, until eventually, the carbonated water goes “flat”.

Optional: Try the experiment with a handful of rice. Did the rice dance more or less than the raisins? Why or why not?

One Step Further: You can make your own carbonated water! Simple pour water into a glass (about two thirds full) and mix in ½ teaspoon of baking soda. Then, slowly pour some vinegar into the glass and watch the bubbles appear!