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Dad and daughters reunite

Armed Forces Day

Armed Forces Day is celebrated every year in the United States to honor the nation’s military forces and their contributions to society. Many other countries around the world hold similar commemorations to honor their own militaries. To celebrate, we interviewed some of our customers who use Little Passports to connect with their families in the military.

Where has your family been stationed?

We have been stationed in California, Rhode Island, Washington, D.C., and are currently in Virginia. There are different things to love about all of our locations. My oldest daughter loves history. Every location we have lived in has been full of rich history. -Alayna

We have been stationed in Texas, Alaska, and in Okinawa, Japan, where both of my boys were born at the military hospital. -Kathy

What do you love most about having a military family?

I love that my kids are starting to learn how to go with the flow.  It is a given to them that we will be moving again. They are only three and five now and they have learned to make friends and adjust quickly. They get excited to go new places and check things out. -Alayna

The military has allowed us to experience many cultures and travel to various places. My children have seen more and done more than I had done at their age. -Kathy

How has Little Passports helped your family stay connected?

We get both the USA and World Edition subscriptions. We use them to talk about where Daddy has traveled in his deployments, where Mommy has traveled, where our families are, where we have lived, and where many of our military friends have been born and lived. -Alayna

Sam and Sofia with USA Flag

What do you love most about Little Passports?

I subscribed to Little Passports for my boys this past Christmas just to help them learn more about various countries and states. The boys enjoy learning about the different countries and states. Many of the states we have visited or plan to visit. My oldest really enjoyed that one of the countries he received was Japan. -Kathy

Little Passports have been a great introduction to things that are different from what they know. They love Sam and Sofia and reading about their adventures and LOVE getting to do all of the stickers. We love the different cultural things and are hoping to expand their eating palate. We are planning to try food from every country that we receive. They are learning a ton of geography, always pulling out and referring to the maps to figure out where things are. -Alayna

Thank you to all the families who have reached out and shared their special stories with us. A very special thank you to all those who have served or are serving our country.