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Celebrate the Holidays with a Santa Cone Craft!

One of most beloved figures of the holiday season is Santa Claus. He is known throughout the world by different names and different traditions, but the underlying message is the same. Spreading goodness and love. Here are the traditions centered around setting out stockings or shoes in hopes that Santa, Father Christmas or le petit Jesus will leave small gifts. Scroll down to learn about Santa Claus around the world and how to make a cute Santa Cone Craft!


In parts of Germany, people believe that the Christ Child sends a messenger on Christmas Eve. He appears as an angel in a white robe and crown, bearing gifts. The angel is called Christkind. There is also a Christmas Eve figure called Weihnachtsmann or Christmas Man, he looks like Santa Claus and also brings gifts.


In England, Father Christmas delivers gifts the night before Christmas. The children leave an empty stocking or pillowcase hanging at the end of the bed – in the morning, they hope it will be full of presents!


French children set out their shoes in hopes that le petit Jesus will fill them during the night with small gifts.


In the Netherlands St. Nicholas is known as Sinterklaas. Dutch children are told that he sails from Spain on his feast day, December 5. They fill their shoes with hay and sugar for his horse and awake to find them filled with gifts such as nuts and candy. Sometimes Sinterklaas appears in person in the children’s homes, bearing a striking resemblance to the children’s father or an uncle. He questions the children about their behavior during the past year. In the past he carried a birch rod, but these days he is more kindly.

Here is a simple Santa craft to make and display this holiday season.


construction paper or origami paper

craft glue


pom poms

craft eyes

printable template

Santa supplies


Roll the main piece into a cone shape. Secure seam with tape. It should stand on its own. If not just readjust the seam or trim bottom slightly.

Cut a small slit on the beard piece (it is marked on the template). Glue details on face.

Slide the tip of the cone through the slit on the face/beard piece. Add white pom pom to top of the hat. Let dry.

We can’t get over how cute he is!

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