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Exploring England with Little Passports

Travel to England with a Little Passports subscription!

Our World Edition subscription introduces kids ages 6 to 10 to a new country each month through hands-on activities, recipes, souvenirs and more. Here’s a peek inside our England country package.

What’s Included?
The World Edition subscription takes child along for the ride as pen pals Sam and Sofia explore the world. The first month includes our signature blue suitcase, wall-sized world map, a passport and more. Thereafter, the monthly packages feature a new country and include letters from Sam and Sofia, activities, stickers, postcards, and access to our online Boarding Zone for games and bonus content.

Exploring England:

Subscribers approaching the tenth month of their World Edition subscription are in for quite a treat, figuratively and literally. It includes a recipe for the Awesome Apple Crumble, along with fun facts and some of the coolest—or should we say the sweetest—things to know about England!

Big Ben


Oh, did we not mention the souvenirs? This month includes a subscriber favorite! Put on your crafting hats on and build your very own model of Big Ben. Ours is still standing tall!

From Big Ben, you and your child will follow Sam and Sofia through London, from the historical London Bridge to the Prime Meridian line in Greenwich.

Learn the Lingo!

Learn more fun facts along the way. For instance, did you know that Big Ben is the name of the bell inside the tower, and not the tower itself? It’s called the Elizabeth Tower, but is still popularly referred to as Big Ben. You’ll even learn some British slang, and how to respond to the question, “… where is your brolly?’

Embark on worldwide adventures with Sam and Sofia. Click here to subscribe to the World Edition.

Sam and Sofia Explore England!

Need a closer look?

Check out some of the other activities included in our England package:

– Math activities and a look at London’s double-decker bus
– Royal Roast Potatoes recipe
– Sam & Sofia’s adventure letter
– Suitcase stickers

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